New references and a full algorithm collection

I am lucky and I am happy to work in this field.  I recently started a conversation with Axel Kemper. He shared his list of references and algorithms and I bluntly put it up on my reference page: This will require to click and to download, but it is so worth it.

As separate files there are two important lists.

List one:  Solution using Bini formulation. Axel provides not the code but the three matrices as Bini et al would write. This is important for me because I can go back and take my little optimization engine and try to write code. I cannot wait to  see optimized code  for the <3,3,3> or <4,4,4>? For the moment being, I am swamped by other things but in principle I have the first instrument to extend the FastMMW library with other algorithms.

The longer list: Code is much longer list with basic code description.

This is the first time I have found such a complete list of algorithms with their creators. The list is public and ready available for any one to take, to use and to write code.

I will love to add these to the library especially the cases in between <2,2,2> and <3,3,3> providing algorithms for rectangular matrices and for the range <2,2,2> and <4,4,4>. The latter is a two recursions of <2,2,2>  and it will require twice as large matrices or problem sizes.  The case <3,3,3> will require about 1.5 large matrices. In practice, this provides a finer granularity where we can torque-fitting the algorithm performance.